Our Board


Gwen Bender, Chair

Gwen is a program manager at Vaisala, a company at the cross-section of information technology and renewable energy, where she's leading their global solar power initiatives. She has no free time but if she did it would be spent reading books, dancing and learning to cook better. Gwen joined the PMC board in 2014. 



Cliff Gilley, Vice-Chair

Cliff Gilley has been a B2B product manager for nearly 15 years in a variety of industries, and is a passionate advocate for agile, effective Product Management.  He currently works in Bellevue for K2 SourceCode, a business process management platform, and blogs on the side as Seattle's own "Clever PM".  In his spare time, he's a fan of horror movies and novels, comic books, video games, and enjoying hiking, biking and camping when the Northwest weather permits.  Cliff joined the PMC board in January 2017.



Diana Hsu, Secretary

Diana Hsu is a product manager at Groupon leading affiliate marketing product initiatives. Previously she spent six years building and launching free to play games, and can talk for hours about virtual goods and RPG character development. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and growing her art collection of faux taxidermy heads.



Daniel Berg, Events Chair

Daniel is a Manager of Product Management at zulily.com.  He has +20-years of experience building Supply Chain software systems at multiple top 500 e-commerce companies. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, biking and camping in the beautiful northwest.  Daniel joined the PMC board in January 2017.

Jen Board Photo.jpg

Jennifer Voorn, Events Co-Chair

Jennifer is a senior product manager at Valant Medical Solutions with a demonstrated history of product management in the health care industry. She is skilled in health information exchange, clinical user workflow and software implementation. Jennifer earned a BA in Biology from Texas A&M University and enjoys hiking on the weekends. 


Michelle Nelson, Industry Events Chair

Michelle Nelson has been in product management for over 10 years, and currently supports the platform technology that powers the Starbucks mobile apps. She’s a hands-on user advocate with a positive attitude and lots of opinions about product management. After hours, she’s often found binge-watching Netflix with her floppy goldendoodle, two cats (and husband). Michelle joined the PMC board in January 2018, and will be focused on hosting PMC events that bring industry speakers to the product community is Seattle.


Melissa Baker, ProductCamp Chair

Melissa is an experienced Digital Marketing professional with a wide range of past roles that touch on social media, email marketing, UI testing, SQL reporting; but always focusing on Paid Search.  She started by winning a year membership at Product Camp Seattle 2014.  Since then, Melissa has enjoyed each month learning more about Product Marketing and Product Management from the brilliant speakers.  In her free time you can find her cheering on the Seahawks or off driving to a camping spot someone recently mentioned.


Danielle McIntyre, ProductCamp Co-Chair

Danielle is a product and business technology manager with extensive experience building and streamlining products within highly competitive financial markets.  Her efforts most recently have been directed toward local agriculture and secondary products as her spare time and energy are enthusiastically spent on the family farm located on the Kitsap Peninsula.  Danielle joined the PMC in January 2018.