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A non-profit, volunteer organization of Product Management professionals.

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PMC Events

PMC events occur on a regular basis and cover a wide range of subjects of interest to the community. Expand your knowledge of the technical, business, and interpersonal subjects needed to compete in today’s market. Whether new to product management or an experienced veteran you will find something of interest. PMC events are always open to the public. Members receive early access to ticket sales and enjoy a special discount.

ProductCamp Seattle

Our premier annual event and the one we are most famous for hosting. Over 150 people attend and participate in the product management community’s only unconference. Anyone can come, propose a topic, and stand up and share their skills, knowledge, experience, and in some cases whimsy. People come from all over the northwest to attend this event. Oh and the cost, only about ten dollars. You just have to experience ProductCamp Seattle once to become hooked.

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Annual Members Social

Our annual social event is only open to the members of the Product Management Community. The event is a comfortable time to relax, talk and socialize with members, and celebrate all we have accomplished as a community and as individuals. We have all worked hard supporting each other, networking, learning, teaching, and advancing our careers and profession so why not kick back and have some fun. We deserve it.