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January Event - Three P's to Start the New Year

Our January event was a great start to the New Year. Dave presented the three P's for a fresh start in 2014:

  1. Perspective
  2. Prune
  3. Prime

The session was packed with tools, techniques and insights to step back and re-gain our perspectives in what matters most in personal, professional, product and process areas. With our new perspectives, we can find things to prune and…


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Tax Wars. Win / Loss and Beyond.

Brian Scheffer is a Product Manager in Redmond who started as a software developer and moved to program management before leading product teams.  Brian finds his software development background provides him a unique ability to find solutions for problems faced by product managers.  He enjoys listening to the issues others face and collaborating on ways they might solve them.

Brian’s Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/BrianScheffer…


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Product Lessons Learned from the East Coast

For the July PMC event we host a a panel of execs from the Seattle product world, and they will be sharing the lessons they have learned throughout their careers.

So I thought it would be fun to interview another local startup guy for a blog post, kind of a teaser to what you might see at the event.  So I lined up an interview with a friend at a local startup.



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Kanban Huh?

Our June event next week is called  “Interactive Kanban Games: Experience the Power of Work-In-Progress”,  which to me leads to a few obvious questions: what the heck is Kanban and why should I care as a product manager? I’m going to take a crack at answering these questions in 300 words of less…so here goes.

What is Kanban? In Japanese, the word in everyday use refers…


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May Event Slides : A Case Study in Product Management Excellence

Sri Velamoor joined us in May to talk about what he has learned in his years as a Product Manager - and how it applied to his current company - Indix.


The one piece of advice he said everyone should walk away with? 'Get out of the building'.  Go and talk to your…


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10 Actionable Tips for Customer Research Interviews

If your role includes product strategy, or inbound product management (aka ‘What to build?’) then I maintain that 1:1 customer interviews are the most important tool in your box.  They are also one of the most underused.  I will be exploring this topic more over the next few months but for now here are some quick tips I have found useful along the way.…


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Product Management Job Scene in Seattle Area

 Seattle and its neighboring areas are a hub for product development and innovation. There are numerous start-ups and big fortune 500 companies in Pacific Northwest making innovative world-class products which require an ever growing need for Product Managers.

  A quick analysis on Google Trends…


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What can you expect to see from the PMC in 2013?

For 2013 we have a new board, a new structure and a new plan.  We want to share what we have been up to, and some of the problems we have been tackling. Why share?

  • we want to be transparent about the PMC and how we work…


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Corporate Memberships added!

For those companies that believe their product managers contribute greatly to their success, who want to reward them by supporting their ongoing learning and networking, PMC now offers a corporate membership program whose levels are as follows:

  • $2B+ in annual revenue - $5000 (unlimited number of attendees per event)
  • $500M to $2B in annual revenue - $2500 (up to 10 participants per event)
  • < $500M in annual revenue…

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PMC price decrease starting April 2013

We are a volunteer-run non-profit organization, and we have been serving product lifecycle professionals of Seattle since February of 2000! We have always tried to add value for 'product people' and always tried to provide high quality events and online resources for product lifecycle professionals to connect, share, participate, and learn. We have been producing high quality content for 13 years without needing to pay ourselves, and we plan to continue the trend in…


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Guide to hosting a session at Mini-ProductCamp

Guide to hosting a session

Many people who visit a ProductCamp for the first time are intrigued by the unconference format. Can anyone really propose a session? The answer is yes.  If you have got something people want…


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Introducing the 2013 PMC Board!!!

The Product Management Consortium is looking to achieve big goals in 2013 to better serve you, the product management community.  We will build a stronger product management community through more relevant PMC programming and higher impact social presence.  We’ve more than doubled the size of the board, enabling the PMC the ability to bring fresh ideas and skills to strengthen the organization.  As members, you ARE the PMC.  The Board is here to meet your needs.   Please contact any one of…


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ProductCamp Seattle Survey Results part 2 of 2 - Comments, Suggestions and Insight

This is the second of two blog posts that dive into the feedback we received on ProductCamp Seattle 2012.  The first post focuses on the quantitative data - this one explores specific feedback.  By sharing this with our community we hope to start conversations about what we can do better next year.…


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ProductCamp Seattle Survey Results part 1 of 2 - #pcs12 by the numbers

This is the first of two blog posts that dive into the feedback we received on ProductCamp Seattle 2012.  This post focuses on the quantitative data - the next will explore specific feedback.  By sharing this with our community we hope to start conversations about what we can do better next year. 

ProductCamp 'releases' are a year in-between and the market changes more quickly than we can…


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10 Tips for Increasing Productivity

This is a guest blog post written by Adam Lewkovitz that originally appeared at AdamLewkovitz.com.  Adam is a Senior Product Manager for Amazon and works on the App Store. This blog post was based on a very popular session Adam ran at ProductCamp Seattle 2012 entitled 'Stop Fighting Fires and #GTD'.



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4 Reasons to Love ProductCamp!

I was recently asked to write this blog post on 'why I love ProductCamp'. The request itself speaks to one of the things I love about ProductCamp, namely the chance to work with 'product people'. The request came from the ProductCamp Seattle Marketing Team…


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What is the PMC?

The PMC is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization for Product Management professionals.  We are based in Seattle.  We enable product managers to connect, share, participate and learn from each other.  We host monthly events, an online community, job postings and ProductCamp Seattle.

Volunteer for ProductCamp

It is time to start preparing for the ProductCamp Seattle 2016 coming up in October! Last year the PMC and our hearty band of volunteers hosted 220 local product professionals for the one day unconference event.

Want to make this year's event even more awesome? Email everyone@pmcnw.org to join the team of ProductCamp 2016 volunteers! 

Get Involved

The PMC hosts 10 monthly events every calendar year. Each event is priced at $25. Events are typically presentations on specific topics of interest to the Product Management community.

Email PMC for info Email Us

Follow PMC on Twitter Twitter

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