The Product Management Consortium (PMC) offers both professional and corporate annual memberships.

Why become a PMC Annual Member?

As a product manager you're regularly tapped to help lead your company through the ever- changing marketplace in which your products compete.  Shifting business needs, rapidly changing technologies, new competitors, new regulations, etc. all make delivering results more challenging.  As a result, you need current skills as well as connections to others who are facing the same challenges and a professional PMC Annual Membership gets you both. Monthly events with local industry experts, templates, tools and case studies help improve your knowledge plus additional networking and positive exposure through our online PMC community. 

PMC events and programs are designed to provide members the opportunity to maintain and update their product management skills and expertise as well as sharing of best practices among its members.  Membership is about a vibrant, growing community so come be part of it! 

As a professional PMC Annual Member you get:

  • Free attendance at all monthly PMC educational/networking events for 12 months, including ProductCamp Seattle (4 monthly events cost more than a professional membership)
  • A free guest ticket for each monthly event (guest must not have attended a PMC monthly event before and ProductCamp Seattle is excluded)

PMC Annual Membership is just $99 - Become a PMC Annual Member now!


Corporate Annual Memberships - Empower your Product Teams

Do you work at a company where there are teams of Product Managers who may benefit from our educational/networking events?  If so, our Corporate Annual Membership is designed to encourage event participation from multiple employees of the same company.

  • Platinum - $5000 (unlimited number of PMC individual memberships)
  • Gold - $2500 (up to 10 PMC individual memberships)
  • Silver - $1000 (up to 5 PMC individual memberships)

Feel free to contact us at for more details.


Sponsorship Levels

A 12-month corporate sponsorship for PMC can be purchased for $5000, $2500, and $1000, and includes:

  • PMC Website presence: A full year’s inclusion of Sponsor’s corporate logo and tagline, summary information and URL link on the Sponsors page of the site.
  • PMC Email presence: Inclusion of Sponsor’s corporate logo, tagline and URL in all PMC mailings (approximately 24 per year).
  • Presence at PMC education/networking events: Sponsor’s corporate logo will appear in all handout packets at PMC events, as well as on welcome and exit slides.  Sponsor will be named and thanked in opening comments at all meetings. Additionally, Sponsor may provide brochures that can be picked up by PMC members from a table at all events.  Sponsor may have up to two representatives attend events for a year (approximately 9 per year).
  • Sponsorship of Product Camp Seattle:  Provide literature and meet participants at October ProductCamp Seattle event (Expected attendance is approximately 250).  Sponsor logo also will be included in event printed and online materials, and Sponsor will be introduced and thanked in opening comments.
  • Discounts/special offers: Sponsor may offer special pricing of its product/service to meeting participants, or to all PMC list members, at Sponsor’s option.

Per-Event Participation

Individuals selecting the per-event option pay for each event they register for. Separate event-based tickets to events are available for professionals and students.

  • Non member professionals - $25
  • Non member students - $15

What is the PMC?

The PMC is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization for Product Management professionals.  We are based in Seattle.  We enable product managers to connect, share, participate and learn from each other.  We host monthly events, an online community, job postings and ProductCamp Seattle.

Volunteer for ProductCamp

It is time to start preparing for the ProductCamp Seattle 2016 coming up in October! Last year the PMC and our hearty band of volunteers hosted 220 local product professionals for the one day unconference event.

Want to make this year's event even more awesome? Email to join the team of ProductCamp 2016 volunteers! 

Get Involved

The PMC hosts 10 monthly events every calendar year. Each event is priced at $25. Events are typically presentations on specific topics of interest to the Product Management community.

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