About the PMC Leadership

Founded in 2000, the PMC is a volunteer organization led by a strong advisory board of product management and marketing professionals based in the Seattle area.

Executive Management Team

Tiana Thomas – Facilitator & Chairtianat@pmcnw.org

Tiana started as a software developer who wanted to understand how products were developed so she could help develop better products.  She first became involved with the PMC in 2005 and has actively volunteered for ProductCamp Seattle every year since 2010.  She became a member of the PMC Board in 2011.  She currently is involved both with product development and software development management at LUMEDX Corp.  When not reading, solving puzzles like crosswords, Sudoku etc., cooking or gardening she likes to write code, poetry and above all just think.

Gwen Bender - Vice Chair, gwenb@pmcnw.org 

Gwen Bender is a program manager doing the needful in a company at the cross-section of information technology and renewable energy. Currently working at Vaisala she's leading their global solar power initiatives. Gwen started attending PMC events in 2010 to learn from the local community and was happy to join the board in 2014. She has no free time but if she did it would be spent reading books, dancing and learning to cook better



Mark Brannian Treasurermarkb@pmcnw.org

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Washington.  With over 10 years of customer service, in the telecommunications industry, Mark successfully ran installation and service projects for phone company clients throughout the US.  His 12 years of sales experience includes both B2B and B2C relationships in the financial services, retail, and telecommunications industries. His entrepreneurial spirit has caused him to launch and operated a retail store and to partner in a business brokerage.  His pastimes include dabbling in electronics, web development, software and playing piano classics.  A recent graduate of the six Pragmatic Marketing courses, Mark is currently pursuing a career change to marketing. 

Neha Goel Board coordinatornehag@pmcnw.org

A Product Management enthusiast who loves to work with startups. She is Masters in Computer Science degree. She also recently graduated from University of Washington in Software Product Management and Digital Marketing. She started her career as a Software Developer, developing mobile applications and telecom solutions for ace cellular network companies. She also worked as a Product Manager and has hands on experience. Neha enjoys going to various technology conferences and meeting like minded people.

Operating Committee Chairs

Padmanand Warrier - Monthly Events, padmanandw@pmcnw.org 

Padmanand (“Pad”) Warrier is an innovative, results driven product management executive with a passion for creating products that delight the customer. His product portfolio spans technology from chipsets, fault tolerant servers, device software, consumer entertainment systems, and cloud services for personal communications. He is currently at DS-IQ, a company that is empowering retailers achieve precise, relevant digital marketing to their shoppers through contextualization and automation. His interests are connecting, learning and sharing with “product people”, especially through workshops and conferences.

Sonal Kumar- Tools Committee , sonalk@pmcnw.org

Sonal, works as a Product Analyst in a Healthcare solutions company. She is enthusiastic and motivated to take on new tasks and challenges. Sonal likes to design and provide creative ideas for products. Outside work, she likes to read fiction novels, party and explore historical places and monuments and try to capture their beauty through her blogs. She believes- "Work hard and party harder!" 

What is the PMC?

The PMC is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization for Product Management professionals.  We are based in Seattle.  We enable product managers to connect, share, participate and learn from each other.  We host monthly events, an online community, job postings and ProductCamp Seattle.

Volunteer for ProductCamp

It is time to start preparing for the ProductCamp Seattle 2016 coming up in October! Last year the PMC and our hearty band of volunteers hosted 220 local product professionals for the one day unconference event.

Want to make this year's event even more awesome? Email everyone@pmcnw.org to join the team of ProductCamp 2016 volunteers! 

Get Involved

The PMC hosts 10 monthly events every calendar year. Each event is priced at $25. Events are typically presentations on specific topics of interest to the Product Management community.

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