About the PMC Leadership

Founded in 2000, the PMC is a volunteer organization led by a strong advisory board of product management and marketing professionals based in the Seattle area.

Executive Management Team

Dave Manningsmith –Facilitator & Chair, davem@pmcnw.org

Dave Manningsmith is the Facilitator and Chair of the Product Management Consortium and a Senior Program Manager at the Seattle Times. With over 20 years' experience across several industries, Dave developed product management and marketing strategy expertise as the Business Intelligence Lead for Microsoft's Windows Client Division and as a Customer Experience Manager for AT&T's Small Business Mobility Division. Dave is passionate about making the world a better place through better product management and business analysis.

Tiana Thomas – Vice Chair, tianat@pmcnw.org

Tiana started as a software developer who wanted to understand how products were developed so she could help develop better products.  She first became involved with the PMC in 2005 and has actively volunteered for ProductCamp Seattle every year since 2010.  She became a member of the PMC Board in 2011.  She currently is involved both with product development and software development management at LUMEDX Corp.  When not reading, solving puzzles like crosswords, Sudoku etc., cooking or gardening she likes to write code, poetry and above all just think.


Paul HahnSecretary, paulh@pmcnw.org

Paul is an Enterprise IT technology lifer on the vendor-side- with development, product management, product marketing, sales, support and alliance/business development experience. He has a passion and deep fondness for product management and product marketing which is fed through his participation in the PMC where he can meet interesting people, do interesting things and stay exposed to latest practices and trends.


Operating Committee Chairs


Loma Desai - Executive Management Board Coordinator, lomad@pmcnw.org

Loma is a software engineer with an MBA from India. She has three years of experience in IT industry as software developer and project manager. She is enthusiastic and passionate about actively participating and meeting new product people at ProductCamps, PMC monthly events and networking lunches. Currently, she is planning to pursue her Masters in Management Information System. In her free time, she likes to go for hiking, play board games and explore new places.  She is glad to be a part of this vibrant community!

Anuj Rajbhandari - Marketing / Social Media, anujr@pmcnw.org 

Anuj is a product manager with more than a decade of experience in technical and management roles focused on designing cutting-edge software and solutions. He is a PM at Infosys and currently consults at Microsoft. Anuj is passionate about understanding people and finding innovative ways to make their lives easier. He is always excited to connect, learn and contribute to the product management community.

Gwen Bender - Monthly Events, gwenb@pmcnw.org 

Gwen Bender is a product manager doing the needful in a company at the cross-section of information technology and renewable energy. Currently working at 3TIER a Vaisala Group company she's leading their global solar initiatives. Gwen is excited to be coordinating monthly events for the PMC because she gets to talk to a variety of people in our PM community. If you have a great topic or know a good speaker send her a message!

Padmanand Warrier - Keystone Events, padmanandw@pmcnw.org 

Padmanand (“Pad”) Warrier is an innovative, results driven product management executive with a passion for creating products that delight the customer. His product portfolio spans technology from chipsets, fault tolerant servers, device software, consumer entertainment systems, and cloud services for personal communications. He is currently at DS-IQ, a company that is empowering retailers achieve precise, relevant digital marketing to their shoppers through contextualization and automation. His interests are connecting, learning and sharing with “product people”, especially through workshops and conferences.

What is the PMC?

The PMC is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization for Product Management professionals.  We are based in Seattle.  We enable product managers to connect, share, participate and learn from each other.  We host monthly events, an online community, job postings and ProductCamp Seattle.

Get Involved

The PMC hosts 10 monthly events every calendar year. Each event is priced at $25. Events are typically presentations on specific topics of interest to the Product Management community.

We offer an annual pass for $99, providing you access to all monthly events for one calendar year from purchase.

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